The pools may be fiber glass, concrete or vinyl made. The cost of construction of these pools may vary due to a number of factors such as location and the type. The pool may be commercial or home based. However maintenance, services and operation are same in both types of pools. Each must have a heater, chlorine at treatment chemical filters, inlets, outlets, water bumps, brushes, plastic buckets and basins. Water is usually recycled. The process follows a cycle. From outlets it is bumped by the water bumps either motor or engine, it is then filtered, chlorine is added to it and taken back to the pool. Electric or gas heaters may be used to heat the water to intended temperatures. You got to do a plan of building your pool. Ensure you have as plan. Consider your finances to ensure you can’t strain too much.
The location is also important because the in ground pools are permanent. The government laws and legislation is also vital to compile with. If you have a sloppy land on a rocky one, consider the machines to be used. A flat land is much easier to build a pool at. Once you have made up your mind draw a design to suit your plan.
Once you have set your plan consult a pool professional. The guy will determine the shape of the pool. He will also help in determining the depth also the varied heights

On choosing appropriate contractor, let them bid. You don’t only consider the cheapest con tractor, check their experience in pool construction. Consider also the works they have done so far. Check if insured with a relevant insurance body
once your pool has been put up, ensure you have maintenance personnel do help you at least once a week. You must purchase the maintenance equipment to have a good pool.
Launching the pool
On installation some procedures are done. The pool has to be smoothed. To protect from domestic animals,it has to be fenced.
Swimming pool builders
Swimming pool builders are well experienced, professionals, insured,registered and produces good quality work. The builders command a good relationship between customers and contractors. With access to expert consultants they work for the best. The builders have access to new training due to introduction of new products and design in the market. Pavements are also put in place .Finishing procedure is then done. This involves application of concrete. Water is then bumped in once the inlet and outlet pipes have been put in place.
Pool service
In ground pools should be serviced regularly to ensure its efficiency. The services are;
-pH levels checks
Test of acidity and alkalinity should be done to ensure healthy and safety. The pH level should be tasted using a testing kit available in the market. The kits are several, consider the one which is much easier to use. pH scale ranges from 0-14 .The optimum level is 7.5
-Chlorinating the water keeps the level of ammonia and nitrogen build up at check. The procedure ensures the removal of bad smell
-Water level checks. When people get into water they come out with water. This drops the water level. Evaporation also acts as an agent of water level drop. During cleaning it is advisable to maintain the water level
– pool cleaning
Ensuring that your pool is clean should be your priority. Several procedures ought to be applied. Some includes;
-Removal of floating objects and debris. This may be applied using a stick 0r rod tied at the end to a net. This process is called skimming. Removed items are pieces of timber, wood, leaves, polythene materials and leaves blown by wind.Skimming is done once a week. The benefits are a lot including reduced chlorine application.
-Clean the pool filter regularly. The filter may be made of sand however it should not be cleaned too often because it assists it trapping dirt.
-Thoroughly brushing the walls removes the deposits on non living plants that might grow on the walls .Brushing is usually recommended. There are several types of the brushes depending on the type of wall used to construct the pool. Stiff and soft brushes are usually used.
-Nowadays vacuums are very reliable in cleaning the pool. Vacuum help in reducing the amount of chemicals in the water. The waters shall also remain clear.
Many people and companies have build swimming pools and later close down. If you need to experience a great swimming pool you got to follow the above guidelines on in ground swimming pools, swimming pool builders, pool service, pool cleaning. It applies for domestic, institutions, hotels and any other interested stakeholder. For the best swimming experience try this in ground swimming pools.

And your children can swim like mermaids: